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Trauma Informed Processing

Trauma Informed Coaching happens when the coach understands what trauma is, how it presents in the coaching room, and how to respond. All this, within established coaching boundaries and contracts. As a Trauma Informed Coach, I can hold space for you in an informed way to understand your trauma and help you move out of the events you may keep playing in your mind and keeping you stuck.

Every one of you will have had some level of trauma in your life. Many people think that trauma is just the things that a soldier at war or a car crash victim had endured, but trauma is actually overwhelm to the system that limits your capacity to cope. It is an inner wound. Narcissistic abuse is trauma as it limits how well you are able to cope within the constraints of your life.

It is good to manage your symptoms but being trauma informed means getting to the root cause and allowing you to finally move forward from the hold it has on you.

When parts of us show up that stop us living a free life, these parts are actually there to protect us which is where Internal family System Therapy comes in.

Trauma Informed Coaching allows for understanding of trauma and a future focused way of moving you towards POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH, helping you find meaning in your trauma to go on and live your life at a much deeper and higher level feeling more joy, connection, and success. Also eliminating the need for your parts and the symptoms that come with them.

I work to help you find root cause resolution as opposed to just symptom management with my Trauma Informed Coaching to facilitate post traumatic growth. My qualification means that I am a Trauma Informed Coach. I have been trained to the highest standards that you can obtain so you know you are in safe and knowledgeable hands to support you.

Trauma creates changes in you that you don’t choose. Healing creates changes in you that you do choose.

~ Kelli Leis