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Trauma Processing – With a Somatic Healing Approach

Choose to get right to the good stuff!!! Not everyone feels the need to talk it through! Maybe you would just like to sleep better or ease stress and feel calmer, for example. Either way, we would be getting right to the trauma processing!

I can understand how working with the exercises at home that I can provide for you and doing these powerful and effective therapies can be enough for anyone who is doing the work at home and maybe you just need the odd talk or chat session in between. I strongly recommend a talk session as a first session with me though! You can even choose from one of the below packages available as an option where we will have time to do a bit of everything, depending on what you need!

In these 50 – 90-minute sessions, we get straight to work. I will allow up to 10 minutes at the beginning to chat with me and do some breathing work if you would like!

We can get right to the somatic healing with these one-time sessions any time you feel the need for it! (Please see a list of definitions under the Trauma Informed Processing Tab, found at the top of the page).

A Client Form that you will complete and submit will help me to understand your situation and I can even recommend a service for you, if you haven’t had these amazing treatments before. If you do know your favorite, go ahead, and book your session easily below. (Please understand that you may need more than one session to feel results).