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Ventilation and Regulation

A One-Hour Session With Me

For a chat and a vent, breathing for relaxation and to calm yourself and regulate your nervous system. Someone to talk to and make sense of what you are going through!

Maybe you just have questions about the tools and exercises that I have previously provided to you, if not I can provide you with them! We can go through any questions together and fill out the exercises so that you can benefit from these tools and keep your healing journey moving along!

Keep in mind that we cannot talk out the trauma. This venting and regulating session would be for the purpose of getting you back to a place were you can feel better in the short term and in the moment. Giving us time to work through an immediate topic in between other sessions or until you decide if you would like to join me for regular sessions where the real healing begins and where we can process you through somatic healing and help to heal a lifetime of trauma or a specific event! Pre-book these sessions, so you have the option of a good chat when you need it at your convenience!

* All the information you need to choose your healing journey is in this website so please explore your options and you can sign up for anything you would like easily and conveniently at any time right from the website.

Some Examples Of Topics That We Can Cover: